Tuesday, December 13, 2011

M.I.A. its what I have been doing best!

I know I haven't posted in forever and a day.  I have been working two jobs and trying to stay awake to accomplish everything on my to do list..... This past week my body has just been ready to quit  ;( I know that I have a plan and a reason for working my arse off but it just doesn't seem to be paying off.  Tonight I'm finally giving in and going to go home and just stay there.  Curl up in bed with my little fur baby and the other one right next to the bed and watch TV and sleep.  I hate to do that when there is a million and five things I could be doing but hey you can't always be on the run and I'm afraid if I don't force myself to stop I might have a body that stops for me.  Ill be back with a better post tomorrow ;)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{twenty-five} Meet Me

I am my mothers first born however I am a middle child
I eat, sleep and breath animals but mostly dogs
We have secret friends at work and I got a dog frame and put this picture in it 
and now when I look over all I want to do is go home!
My sisters have ALOT of kids which makes me an Aunt to many! 
I'm not much of a cook, however I am trying more and more
I haven't driven a car that was actually mine in three years and I'm looking forward to getting my own but not the payment.
I work for a company that sells beer but I don't drink that often.
I take my dog to daycare.  He repays me by sleeping most of the time while he is there.  Thanks $17.00 charge for nothing!
If you are my friend at any point in my life I will consider you a friend for life no matter how long its been since I have seen you.
I don't watch the news.  People are crazy
Christmas is my favorite time a year and I would like it if my living room looked like this
I live by the motto if your going to say own it. 

I worry. And I mean to the point where I make myself sick.  I can't help it no matter how hard I try its just who I am
Now that I'm 29 I will be this age forever that's right folks I'm never getting any older!
I would rather have a few true friends then alot of semi friends.
I think every night about how I'm going to get up earlier and work out. And every morning I think that it can wait till tomorrow!
I think that my bank account might change and suddenly have loads of money ;) so I check it aleast five times a day!
I hate math and math hates me its truly the reason I do not have a college degree.
I will be going back to school next year.
This is proving to be harder then I thought lol
I sometimes go to the movies alone which is interesting b/c I will not go to a restaurant alone.
I sing in the car at the top of my lungs and dance even when alone!
I have to hear from my mom or dad at least once a day
When I was a kid I couldn't stay away from home b/c I thought my family was going to leave me.
The future scares me.

What Twenty-five things should I know about you?
Link up with Erin and tell us :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Linking up with The Little Things we Do ...here

1. A nervous habit I have is very strange but I smell erasers, I think it comes from growing up overseas and all of their erasers smell yummy!

2. Something that makes me sad is how much people in this world seem to not care for each other.
3. Today I am thankful for my doggies I love them so very much and they make me feel loved at night.
4. My favorite room in my house is my bedroom.  It is so comfy!
5. I can't stand rude people that only care about themselves! Come on people we are all human!

6. If I had an extra $100 to spend on whatever I wanted today I would go be selfish and get a massage!
7. The last person I hung out with was Amanda, Robin and Ben (and the dogs of course since she was so nice to watch my little man til almost 10PM) at Robin's last night after a very long day!

10 Day You Challenge and a random note!

Three Films... Now this is hard because I'm a movie junkie! But here goes

#3.  Dirty Dancing
#2.  Forrest Gump
#1.  My Girl

I know they are all older but I could watch them over and over again!

On a funnier Friday note! My friend April here at work likes to call me Trex b/c lets face it I'm really tall and she is really short :)  Today I saw this on someones blog and almost fell over so I had to share Enjoy!

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

10 Day You Challenge

Hey there!  Missed yesterday due to working both jobs! Blah!  But here is my four

4.  Kendra Sliding into Home (I will admit I read this in three days!)
3.  Heaven is Real
2.  Chicken Soup for Pet Lovers
1.  Self Care for Life

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

10 Day You Challenge

Five foods!  Some of the past post of this challenge have actually been a little hard however if you know me you know that I live for love food so as you could probably guess I have more then five foods that I love, however I will give you my top 5!

5.  Mac and Cheese
4. Cheesy puffs
3. Sweet and Sour chicken
2. Grilled Cheese
1. J. Alexander's House salad

Monday, November 14, 2011

10 Day You Challenge

Hey everyone I worked all day yesterday BOO! so I missed my entry.  So today you get two!

First: Seven Wants
7.  A family
6.  To move out of my complex b/c ppl that live there are hateful
5. For my oldest fur baby to get better so I can enjoy her longer
4.  To loose more weight :)
3.  To become debt free
2.  To have a doggy daycare
1.  To be happy and content

Second: Six Places
6.  Japan- Love it you really should put this on your bucket list
5.  Home
4.  Dog park
3. Parents
2.  Sugarcreek ;)
1.  TN

Saturday, November 12, 2011

10 Day You Challenge

8.  Being Alone
7.  Losing loved ones
6.  Not being fully happy
5.  Spiders
4.  Not being accepted
3.  Running out of Time
2.  Being successful
1.  Losing my parents

Friday, November 11, 2011

10 Day You Challenge Day 9

All the different seasons... I know alot of people pick one season that is their fav, however I just like all of them for different reasons. That's why I like Ohio you can have a touch of each season.

Work... crazy I know but I love to work I normally have two to three jobs at a time.  I just feel lazy if I'm not working!  I think I might need my head checked!

The dog park.  If it wasn't for the dog park I feel like I wouldn't get any sleep.  I also wouldn't have met some of the most wonderful people I know.

Health. Through the past few years we my dad has gone through so much but has always pushed through it and made it seem like it wasn't that big of a deal. Thanks for making it seem that way Dad and trying to make it as easier on us even though that was not your job but ours.

Friends. New and old. This past year has been rough and that's putting it lightly.  So many people have stuck by my side and I have never felt so warm inside to know that its going to be OK no matter what happens.

Roofs.  Your probably thinking roofs WTF lol.  but I am thankful to have a roof over everyones heads that I love.  The economy is hard and making your bills seems harder everyday.  So I am thankful that though it has hit the people I love where it hurts that they all still have everything that they need :)

Music.  Nothing is better then music. When your in a good mood or a bad mood music can help you.  I'm not sure I could survive without it :) OK I could but I wouldn't be very happy

Dogs.  All dogs really I'm obsessed but you already knew that if you know me.  But my dogs are my fav (of course right!) I love them like their were my children and they mean the world to me as I do to them and its nice

Family.  My family is a crazy one! We fight we laugh we cry. But no matter what we Love. I wouldn't change them for the world.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 Day Challenge....Day One

I wanted to do something fun on my blog so here goes a 10 day you Challenge....

I grew up in Japan and loved it and had an irrational fear that we couldn't come back to the US without being shot on the street b/c the news portrays the US so bad

B/c of 10 I hate watching the news and even though I record it every night I barley watch it....... EVER~

I would love to have my very own Dog Daycare

I wish that I had never given up running

I hate where I live.... not my condo but the neighbors

If I'm bored I check FB over and over like something is going to change

I talk to my animals like they might actually one day start responding

I sometimes feel like I need to do something more meaningful in my life.  What I have no clue

I don't get mad  very often however if you push just right I can act like a nut :)

I still wish I lived next door to my parents

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I'm Loving....

Today is a day of Loving and there is a lot of stuff to be loving today :)
I'm loving the fact that I don't work tonight and after my day job I am free to go shopping with April!
I'm loving the fact that I get to bring home my oldest baby today from my parents, who have been taking excellent care of her for me, but I will be glad to have her tail wagging when I walk in the door. 
I'm thankful for the fact that I have nothing that I have to do tonight so I can just let things fall into place! and that this will most likely be taking place

Most of all I'm thankful for my friends and family :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving

I know we are on Day 4 already however I'm a little behind!  I have been doing this on FB but not on my blog..... So here goes!

Day #4: I'm thankful for my parents, Ashley Taylor, April Dunlevy-Vogt and Twin Maples Vet Hospital for helping Six get through this rough time.

Meet Six, she is a rescue from the local ASPCA.  I have had her for 8yrs now and she has been a great daughter!  She is getting old and having some hard times and I am thankful for those around me that help me in anyway they can to relieve some of my worry and stress.  I love you baby girl, you will always be my baby.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Its OK Thursday

1.  that I wish I wasn't at work today and instead just at home in bed watching T.V.
2.  that I was super excited today when I fit into the pants that I bought month ago that were just a little to tight
3.  That today is a day where I'm feeling a little hopeless but hey not everyday can be a great day
4.  That I ate Steak n Shake for lunch and its not as good as you remember it being when your drunk :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I'm Loving

This post may be hard b/c I'm not really loving much this week.  But at an attempt to make myself feel better here goes :)

1.  Great Sayings from Pinterest

2.  My old lady that is not feeling good and is one of the loves of my life

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fill in the blank

1. When I was a kid I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up.

2. As an adult, my dream job would be A doggy daycare owner :) .

3. W hen I was younger I wanted to be just like my mom .

4. The childhood Halloween costume that I remember most was I was never really into dressing up for Halloween.
5. My favorite childhood toy was definitely my stuffed Snoopy. 
6. The time I got into the biggest amount of trouble when I was a kid was when I ...was visiting Korea with my family and a friends family and we were told to stay off a big hill and instead we went running up it and my little sister fell and got hurt.
7. I get daily inspiration from other blogger, people in my life and my dogs.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Its OK Thursday!

... that I actually said "YES" out loud at my desk when I saw that I have my first follower that I don't know personally!
...that I could probably close my eyes right now and go to sleep at my desk
...that in the past two nights I have drank a shake (and that is not exactly on the diet)
...that I probably waste 20 minutes a day looking at puppies on line from the pound.
...that I have a list a mile long of things to get done at work today and this was my first priority :)

Happy Thursday lovers!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

1. That I came into work to these along with other cute surprises from my "secret friend"

2. That my side kick is willing to wait in the McDonald's line for 25mins as long as we are both getting ice cream

3. That walking trails are starting to look more and more like fall

Friday, October 21, 2011

Who needs sleep

So I recently started a new part time J O B for the Holidays..... call me crazy but if I'm sitting at home I calculate what I could be doing to make money instead of sitting there!  So I went out and found another job who needs to sleep right!  After two days of 8-4 at my regular job then 5-10 at my mall job I'm pretty much thinking I'm crazy myself!

So if you didn't guess by the picture I got a job at NY&C its my favorite place to shop so why not get a discount while I do it.  Wait I thought this was all about making extra money.... OOPS! Oh well I kinda look more like this walking out .....
Two things I have learned since I started there.....

1. My feet freaking hate me and do NOT want to stand for 5 to 6 hrs. straight

2. I'm pretty darn good at hiding the fact that I have not a clue what I am doing! Example I was helping this lady last night b/c as I train it is just me and the manager (that's right just the two of us all night) she asks me a question that I have no clue what the answer is! So I tell her hold on one sec its only my second night I will have to ask the other girl" and then she replies "Really???? you would never have been able to tell you rock!" In that instant I was very relieved to know I can hide the fact that I don't know CRAP! HECK YAH!

The only negative thing about working so much is my pup doesn't understand why I'm not there to greet him at 4 PM on the dot so I have come home to something like this the past two nights!!!!
*** I forgot to take a pic last night but just add three or four more stuffed animals and Tank instead of this cutie :) 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Its Ok Thursday

This is my first time with one of these but I love reading everyone Else's so here we go:

......................if I'm wearing the same black pants from yesterday b/c I got home super late from work
............. to question every single decision I make three or four times after I make it
......................to want to be at home snuggled up with my dog
.............to want to be OK with being single but not really be there yet
......................to mean to go to church every Sunday morning since the Jan. 1st and still haven't have made it
.............to complain about not losing weight but eat a chicken sandwich and a little bit of taco's last night after work :) 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The love of my life

Is 72lbs, brown and hairy! But hey like they always say you don't pick what who you fall in love with!
                          Meet Tank

He is currently my sleeping partner in crime!  He is there to keep me warm and make my life better by his silliness! He has introduced me to some of the best people I have ever met by annoying me until I take him to the dog park everyday!  He is truly the reason I didn't go into full depression mode when my life turned upside down, once or twice this past year.  Can I truly be giving all this credit to a dog! YES and I mean it, which actually might be the saddest thing I have heard come out of my mouth lol. 

Dear Karma..... please check your list again....

One lesson I have learned through the years is the only person you can truly trust is yourself.  Of course you have your family and your closest friends but things like that can change in a second.  I have always been the type of person to think the best of everyone and try to see the positive.  I wish that society didn't make this increasing difficult for me everyday.  Maybe the karma fairy and I need to have a talk! If I can't believe that karma will take care of the people that mistreat others I don't know how I will stay sane!  For now I will keep my faith in her and in god that life can only get better and I just need to continue to be who I am even if I am a little to caring~

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What is a Relationship anymore

I watch people these days and wonder what happened to the days when two people found each other and when they married it was forever.  Now don't get me wrong I understand things like cheating or abuse for reason to separate!  I mean the people that got together b/c they loved each other and just didn't feel like putting in the work to make it last.  Is giving up divorce too easy these days.

Maybe we are too wise to what is really happening with relationships b/c its so easy to find things out, maybe there was no truth in being faithful ever.  I know that just like in politics there is a left and a right idea on what a relationship should be and maybe I am old fashion, but when you are together shouldn't you be together?  I watch so many of my friends getting divorced and I wonder why no one seems to be able to make it anymore.  No more are you surprised by divorce you are surprised that someone is still together. 

I know that there are such things as girls night out but when did it come to if you went out it was strictly without your significant other or family? I know I can't be the only one that thinks this way!?!? The basic to every break up these days is ..... oh they went out separate all the time and he/she ended up with someone or yeah she/he found someone on the computer. 

Things aren't always going to be easy no matter if you single or not but remember why you walked down that aisle before you do something that can change everyone's life around you.

Sorry for the venting this has just been on my mind for a while!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dog Park Dog Rules

The dog park is somewhere you can find Tank and I almost 3 nights a week ! Its my  his favorite place to go! (OK I'm not going to lie if you know me you know my obsession with dogs so I enjoy this time too!) My last two trips though have not been very enjoyable and its not because of the dogs but their Humans!  So I thought maybe these peeps need some Dog Park Rules for humans :) Please see below:
  • Please remember to not bring your dog if they do not like other dogs! I would think you would realize that if you dog is trying to eat multiply dogs over and over the "I don't know why he is acting like this he never does this" will stop working!
  • If you bring good looking dogs people will comment to you.  Accept the comment don't act like you can't hear them!
  • Your dog will most likely get humped, yes not acceptable behavior for us, however we don't greet each other with a butt sniff either! Its not a sexy thing its a I'm the leader thing!
I controlled my urges to post this at the local dog park but thought I would share it with my blog friends :)
Have a great Thursday!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day and Gardens

The rain is back in Ohio so that means no pool this girl!  So I have found things to do to fulfil my time!  Meaning not always doing things that I love = the garden!  I walked out the other day and thought wow if I don't do something my neighbors are going to start thinking I'm lazy!  So I got Jay out there and had him dig up the huge weeds and I went behind him and throw everything out.  After that I was over it so I will have to do more today!  I will post pics when its over.

I have been trying to become organized and keep the house clean while also not rushing around in the mornings! So the new rule is Sunday pick out five outfits for work and keep them together in the bathroom so I'm not running around trying to find something to wear.  Now if I can only stick to my plan I might have a good thing going here!

Yesterday was Father's Day so we went to Cracker Barrel for my dad and had an awesome breakfast then went over to Target and Home Depot then spent the rest of the day just relaxing! 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Crazy Dog!

Tank goes to a doggy daycare here in Centerville and their are having a contest to see who has the best video of their dog going to daycare! The winner gets 5 whole days at daycare for FREE!  Here is Tank's entry!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Its Raining Golf Balls

For the entire span of my 4 years with Jay all I have heard when we hear a storm is coming is "man I hope it hails"  Well last night Centerville, Bellbrook and some other parts of town was hit pretty hard with some huge hail!  Luckily everyone was OK however we didn't come out with 100% in the clear!

As the night went on we were blessed to not be hit again however I don't think this is the last of the storms! For some reason Mother Nature seems to be pretty pissed off right now.  

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lets Get Away

So has you all know I was moving and now I'm not! The renters didn't pay their deposit before then ran off to get married so I didn't feel comfortable moving without it! That's OK I have worked on getting the condo back into living condition ( it had gotten a little messy) and now its back to being my home :) I will have to post pictures! School is almost coming to a close for my 2nd quarter! I'm not sure if I'm going to take classes in the Summer or not!

I went to FL last month for a couple of days! It was nice to just sit around and do nothing :)

I got to see my grandparents while I was there :)

And eat a whole lot!

Besides the trip everything has been a whirl wind! Dance had clinics and tryouts and then officer tryouts and we have a new team for next year! Officer is always hard b/c you know the girls on a personal level and want everyone to have everything they want which is impossible to achieve :( So you always have a broken heart of two!

Along with that Steve VanGoder is trying to win man of the year for the Cancer Society and since its the same cancer that as hit our family I have been behind him 100%. Our first event was on Friday at Steve's house and was a Monte Carlo theme. I forgot to take pictures :( but the night was a blast! I haven't drank more then a beer in a very long time so getting up and moving Saturday was not easy! What happened to those 20 something days were I was up and at the gym the next day ??? Oh Well!

Well I better get back to working :) See you soon!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Moving Backwards!

The last month has been a searching blur.... Trying to find the right place to call my new home was proven to be harder then I thought. First problem was Six, not only is she huge but she also contains what the apartments like to call an "aggressive breed" in her. Try explaining she is a "mutt" when she looks like exactly what she is an AKITA! Problem number two oh wait that was Six too! The girlfriend I wanted to move in with has her own dog and Six just loves to make life harder and doesn't get along with other people's pets! Problem three is where do I want to live anyway! In our search we found that it was easier for Georgia to live in a place downtown that gave her flexibility with no lease and was a great price however I could not follow suit b/c of Six so now comes to where the heck am I going??? With a move date of "I have to be out before May 12th" I was down to needing to decide. So after going through the places we had look at one more time with my dear friend April who tells me what she really thinks! (which is one reason I love her) we chose Washington Park. There is where my blog title comes in! I lived there before I bought my condo so its like I'm moving back! So in a little less then a month I will be leaving the condo that I have called home for the last 5 years and moving down the street to a two bedroom apartment!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Regional Champs!

This weekend we went to Regional for the dance team! The Elementary team had a great day! We brought home Regional Champs in Jazz and 2nd in both Hip Hop and Pom! Way to go girls! I think my hair and makeup was done and redone by the girls a total of 5 times but they had fun so that is all that matters :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Things are really moving!

So yesterday was a HUGE day! I finished my first quarter of school and got one of my grades so far 95.5% woot! I will be waiting a few days for my second class (the teacher takes her time grading). I took the sign out of the window yesterday at the condo b/c it is officially Rented!

So now comes the fun part and the Nicole is going to freak out b/c I am a freak and worry about everything! But its time to find a place to live and get moved. It is also time to find my own car b/c come November the lease is up on the Maxima and I will be getting my own car this time! So I have been spending hours looking over the same apartment ads I decided to switch gears and look for cars! I think I am going to go with something fun! Here is what I'm thinking:

Why not have fun since I am single and have no kids!

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