Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lets Get Away

So has you all know I was moving and now I'm not! The renters didn't pay their deposit before then ran off to get married so I didn't feel comfortable moving without it! That's OK I have worked on getting the condo back into living condition ( it had gotten a little messy) and now its back to being my home :) I will have to post pictures! School is almost coming to a close for my 2nd quarter! I'm not sure if I'm going to take classes in the Summer or not!

I went to FL last month for a couple of days! It was nice to just sit around and do nothing :)

I got to see my grandparents while I was there :)

And eat a whole lot!

Besides the trip everything has been a whirl wind! Dance had clinics and tryouts and then officer tryouts and we have a new team for next year! Officer is always hard b/c you know the girls on a personal level and want everyone to have everything they want which is impossible to achieve :( So you always have a broken heart of two!

Along with that Steve VanGoder is trying to win man of the year for the Cancer Society and since its the same cancer that as hit our family I have been behind him 100%. Our first event was on Friday at Steve's house and was a Monte Carlo theme. I forgot to take pictures :( but the night was a blast! I haven't drank more then a beer in a very long time so getting up and moving Saturday was not easy! What happened to those 20 something days were I was up and at the gym the next day ??? Oh Well!

Well I better get back to working :) See you soon!

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