Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Blog, I haven't written much b/c Ive been working my little tail off! 
Dear Colorado Springs, I have been praying for you all week and I hope that everyone is OK and that when we arrive for my love's wedding next week that she can have the day she dreamed of. 
Dear Life, SLOW DOWN.  Its like I blink and 2 months have passed!
Dear Vacations, You start next week and I'm so excited to be actually traveling again.  Please be as much fun as I hope you will be.
Dear Saturday, I plan to soak you in as much as possible since you are my only day to get things done! I hope to clean, workout, shop, lay out, attend the baby shower, cook with friends, and attend the K9 pool bash......wait shouldn't I relax on a day off! NAH!
Dear Birthday, I can't wait to celebrate you and lie to everyone and tell them I'm 29 ;)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Life,
I'm struggling with you right now and I'm not sure why.  I want to continue to be a good person however sometimes you really make me want to cross that thin line. 
Dear Heart,
Please help me continue to believe in the good in people and stay the person I am.
Dear Friends,
I miss you :(  I work so much but I'm working toward my goals and starting to make them happen!  I can't wait for Denver, Camping and DC!
Dear Tank,
I love that we have had some time together lately! Your back to being my happy puppy!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm blank because

I'm afraid because....
I think too much about the what if's
I worry that I will not accomplish my dreams
I fear sickness

I'm weird because...
I eat sour cream with everything
I forget what I'm saying mid sentence
I laugh randomly out loud b/c I think of funny things that have happened

I'm a bad friend because...
I don't call as much as I should
I bail on things if I'm too tired
I talk about myself too much
I get jealous

I'm a good friend because...
I will stand by you
I will let you come back even if you disappear
I will stand up for you
I will listen

I'm sad because...
I don't get enough family time
I don't get enough fur baby time
I don't stick to working out

I'm happy because....
for the most part I have the old me back
I'm working hard and accomplishing the things I want
I have great friends that stick by me and love me for who I am

I'm excited because....
I have been crossing things off my bucket list like mad
I have three trips planned in the 5 months (I never go anywhere)
My grandpa and grandma are coming to visit me
I get to see one of my sisters from another mister marry her soul mate in less then a month!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear DP&L~  I didn't mean to pay you that much today! $525.00 is a lot to pay and I need you to call me back ASAP so that we can fix this!

Dear April~ Thank you for the Hot Choc today I really needed it after last night.

Dear Life~ You must think I like drama and problems, however you are wrong! Please take you problems and shove them where the sun doesn't shine ;) Please and thank you.

Dear Timberlodge~ I hate you! I don't hate many things but you are on the top of my list that is not very long.  I pay my dues every month and keep to myself! Karma is a bitch and one day you will get yours. 

Dear Friend~  Your sorry is a little to late.  When I told myself it was your last chance I meant it.  I'm not going to be the this girl anymore that just lets everyone in my life whenever they want and is warm and inviting all the time.  I wasn't asking for the world just for you to be a true person. 

Dear Fur Babies~ Thank you both for being around me last night and the puppy kisses :)

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