Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Tonight we celebrated Ashley's Bday at my house with a cookout! 4 dogs and 5 kids! WOW a lot of noise. But it was fun to all be under the same roof again! My mom, Christie and I called around to family to have them help me make my fast track Scentsy goal and guess what IT WORKED! I closed my month out at $2,031 with the goal being $2,000. Thanks everyone! I didn't get to take any pictures b/c I left my camera at work :( Jay is still out of town so he missed all the fun!

Happy Birthday Ashley

Yesterday was my sisters birthday so I took cupcakes to Dance practice and the girls jumped out and surprised Ashley and sang happy birthday. Then since Jay was out of town O thought she would want to spend the night. Of course she didn't make it and we had to call ashley to come get her :)

Here are the yummy Cupcakes I brought in
so not on the diet!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hello everyone! I know we have no kids but I decided to start a blog since a lot of our love ones are too many miles away to see everyday!! I will try and post everyday even if its only a few sentences. I apologize in advance for the many posts of our two furry children!

My Other Business
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