Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So What Wednesday

Linking up with Life After I "Dew" for So what Wednesday!

  • So what if I am Blogging instead of putting our sales book together like I should
  • So what if I am thinking about taking another walk b/c its pretty outside
  • So what if I am not being able to work out every day like planned b/c I have two jobs!
  • So what if I am already thinking of what to pack even though I do not leave for 23 days!
  • So what if I put on the pants that I bought that are 3 sizes to small every other night to see if I'm any closer to fitting in them :) 

Feeling Helpless

I'm feeling a little helpless today and the past week or so. My GG is laying in a hospital in AL and I hate that we can't all be down there with her.  Her condition goes up and now so many times I have said to myself OK I'm getting in the car and heading down. With working two jobs and having a dance team I only have one day off a week its hard to get everything covered to just leave.  I feel like I should be there however I feel like I have to be here.  Times like this people should be able to just say OK I will be back when things are better and I know she is safe.  Wouldn't that be a nice world to live in???

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cold in the what??

Many of you know or have heard about my main man Tank! If you know him he is fun, wild, a tank and a little on the dorky side! Well his dorky side has caused him to have what I thought was a broken tail! Let me explain, last Sunday we took the dogs hiking b/c it was finally sunny out! Well we choose a trail that you had to walk through alot of water.  Now Tank lives to swim however most of the deeper parts were covered with ice.  Why I thought that this would stop my lovely I dont know but note to future self it will not deture him in the least.  He will actually jump and leap on the ice until he can reach the water.  Now meet Ben

Ben is on the Left
He thought it was funny to throw a rock on top of the ice so that Tank would continue his jumping adventures!  It was all fun and games and pretty amusing actually at the time. 
Now fast forward to Monday night... or as I like to call it the night of no rest.  Poor little guy was a mess couldn't sit down b/c of his tail was crying and whining and the top of his tail that is connected to his body was all swollen I thought for sure it was broken.  So I called my boss in the AM and let him know that I would be taking a PA day b/c I was up til 4AM until Tank literally fell over from exhaustion and I needed to get him into the vet.  We arrived around 10AM and they took a look at it and asked if I had him in the water recently.  Of course I told her about Sunday and she let me know that his tail was not broken yet it was something less serious .... A cold in the tail!  A cold in the what!!!!!!!!!!! Was my immediate response to her.  She assured me that it was fixable and just need some anitbotics and pain meds! Of course as soon as I left I had to google it thinking this Dr. is nuts! But if fact she isn't this is a real thing!

Pain may be seen on palpation of the tail base and some owners report that the dog seems uncomfortable and painful. The best thing to do is leave the tail alone.

Rest is recommended. Complete recovery is usually seen by 2 weeks and often occurs within a few days although it recurs later during training in 1/3 of the cases. Some owners and trainers feel that anti-inflammatory drugs shorten the recovery time if given when the condition is first seen. You might also use warm packs at the base of the tail which will help the relief of pain.
The cause of limber tail is not known although it is thought to be associated with hard workouts (especially in underconditioned dogs), heavy hunting, and swimming or bathing in water that is too cold or too warm. Some owners reported that they grab the tail as a means of correction. Tail conformation (high set or very active), gender (males more frequently affected), and nutritional factors have also been suggested as possible causes. Ongoing studies suggest that limber tail is associaed with muscle damage in the tail with dogs examined early in showing elevated muscle enzymes eg., creatine phosphokinase.

They even had a nice picture to confirm that it was in fact what Tank had
So note to Bully owners they are not smart enough to realize that they need to get out of cold water so keep them away :) 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Insanity and 1 month!

First off I only have ONE MONTH til I leave for Scottsdale!  I can not wait! Woot!  I have still been doing my Insanity program however I have been working a lot to so it makes it hard so I do miss some workouts but I have lost 6lbs!  Here are some pictures since the last time I wrote since I have been MIA for almost a week now!

Dad play with me not him!

Mac N Cheese from IKEA YUM!

Cari Loves litte hats!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

60 Days of Insanity Day9

I wanted something with taste last night so after working out and tanning we ventured to the Planet Smoothie place across the street.  I figured a small smoothie with some fat burner in it can not be to hateful right! WRONG The little slice of heaven took 280 calories away from me! UGH.  I have never made a smoothie last so long considering that is going to be the last one for a very long time.  My Can Not list seems to be going faster then my can list....... me not likey that!
On another note I have been drinking way more water then I think I ever have in my life!  Try drinking two of these bad boys a day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

60 Days of Insanity- Day 8

This sign works for me today!  Yesterday was a very long day and nothing for my diet or working out seemed to work! I had to work both jobs so figured I was going to work then get off around 9PM and workout and get some chores done.  I should know by now if I plan for something it is not going to work out. So stop planning already right!
Well I didn't leave work until after 11:30 and still had to go get my garage door opener to get in my house! So last night there was no workout and I even had a piece of cheesecake!  Chalking yesterday up at a loss and moving forward today!

Monday, February 6, 2012

60 Days of Insanity- Day 5,6 & 7

OK so I'm a little behind :)  I didn't have a chance to breath this weekend let alone to blog!  I swear I'm not leaving my house next weekend!  If I wrote about everything this weekend I would be writing a book so here is a short break down :)
  • Friday- Went to the circus, rode and elephant and had a little ice cream!
  • Saturday- Worked in the AM went to see my niece cheer and win first place and GRAND CHAMPS at cheer. Did the last work out for the week! Hurt my finger :(Then went to have dinner and see Christopher Titus.... if you have never seen him GO he is hilarious!
  • Sunday- Worked then had dance dress rehearsal then had a party at my house for Super Bowl.
WHEW!~ no wonder I have a cold today! Here are some pics from all the craziness!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

60 Days of Insanity- Day 4

I might look alittle like this at night! I know that I haven't worked out hardcore for probably I don't say four years.... but I don't ever remember being so physically tired!  Whew! I certainly don't have to worry about my insomnia anymore!

 Yesterday was a very good day here in good Ole Ohio the sun was shining I had my windows down and then came dinner!  I was suppose to cook last night but had to go to the Greene to do makeup so we just did dinner up there and of course I cheated.  I mean my family picked noodles and Company there was no choice but it was just oh so good to taste food with some flavor!  But I jumped right back on board today! 

Another excited note, Robin was able to book our flights today! Its official I will be boarding a plan March 22nd to Scottsdale :) 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

60 Day Insanity- Day 3

Today I have two visitors!  If you read my blog you know Tank and then you have to meet the cutie on top of him Riot.  Tank and Riot seem to think that when their mommies jump during workouts that we are trying to play with them! Makes a hard workout even harder at times, however it will also give you comical relief.  Riot even tries to help his mom stretch by standing on the chair with his back legs and placing his front legs on her back and pushing her down.  LOL. 
Besides the dogs Day 2 of workouts definitely lived up to the programs name!  So much so that when we went to tan 1/2 hour after we were done the lady mistakened my red tone on my face for actually having a base tan! HA yeah right I'm white under this bitch :)  I let her know it was just b/c Robyn is trying to kill me off by making me get in shape that I was that color!
As for food I went with bringing my rice bowl in for lunch today instead of having it for dinner since I'm going to cook for us tonight actual food :)  I will have to update you on how that turns out tomorrow :)

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