Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 Day Challenge....Day One

I wanted to do something fun on my blog so here goes a 10 day you Challenge....

I grew up in Japan and loved it and had an irrational fear that we couldn't come back to the US without being shot on the street b/c the news portrays the US so bad

B/c of 10 I hate watching the news and even though I record it every night I barley watch it....... EVER~

I would love to have my very own Dog Daycare

I wish that I had never given up running

I hate where I live.... not my condo but the neighbors

If I'm bored I check FB over and over like something is going to change

I talk to my animals like they might actually one day start responding

I sometimes feel like I need to do something more meaningful in my life.  What I have no clue

I don't get mad  very often however if you push just right I can act like a nut :)

I still wish I lived next door to my parents

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