Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Denver~ I'm officially booked and beyond excited! Paul thank you so much for hosting me out there and what a wonderful idea to go to the Beach Boys at Red Rock! Kristi I'm so excited to see you and watch you move on to the next step in your life!

Dear Work~ You have been NUTS! But the days sure do fly by. 

Dear Ex~ Get a clue! Don't preach about things you don't do yourself.  I don't listen to your rambling b/c I know its all BS.

Dear Friend~ I'm still not sure about you but I'll see over the next week if you are worthy of me sticking around.  Get over it already and be real.

Dear fur babies~ I heart you so much and will miss you while I'm away this weekend. Tank be good for Julia xoxo

Dear Cleveland~ I will see you in less then 24hrs. Lets make it fun!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So what Wednesday.....

  • If I bragged in my last post to my bank account that I had tackled it and won and now I'm broke again until Thursday!  How is this happening.....
  • If I borrowed the book "Fifty Shades of Grey" from my sister and I have absolutely not a clue where I have put it!
  • If I need to buy my plane ticket but don't know if my sister is going or not so I keep waiting! HURRY it up woman!
  • If I have tonight off and want to spend it with everyone but things keep popping up that I have to do.... damn its hard to be so popular ..... I kid I kid! LOL
                                                              Happy Hump Day Loves!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Life, I'm glad that I am enjoying you a little more lately! Please stay happy. 
Dear furbabies, I'm sorry I was messing up your front room that you have claimed however it was a disaster and needed a deep cleaning!
Dear Mom and Dad, It sucks that I work so much and don't get to see you! I hope that you come the party on Saturday so we can hang out!
Dear Brandi, You rock! You help me see what I can be and  that means the world to me.  You have stood behind me and made me become stronger everyday!
Dear Karma, I was afraid that you would miss people in my life that need some..... It looks like you didn't and I thank you.  Not that I like to see anyone unhappy but selfishly I still thank you.
Dear Friend, I'm not sure you are much of a friend.  You keep saying how much you miss seeing me however I never see you.  I think your kind of a sh*tty person as of late and that makes me sad.  I could be wrong but I'm not sure why you care so much if I move to a different state. Make an effort.
Dear Friend 2, I do care and you don't think so I know that.  I need time to think before I talk b/c I don't know how to explain why I feel the way I do without saying something that is hurtful.  Please stop digging at me to other people in the group.  I'm not fake if I was I wouldn't care about how what I want to say would make you feel.
Dear Bank Accounts, How do you like me now!?!?!?!? I struggled with you all week and my hard work has paid off! In your face!
Dear Colorado/Paul and Krisi, Everyday you get closer and I just can't wait!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Letters :)

Dear work, I wish I could sometimes slap you in the face..... but for now I'll just suck it up.

Dear Fur babies, I love you so much and even though you have lately cost me a lot of money your wagging butts at the door make me melt.

Dear Gym, I'm so glad you are back in my life even if my knee is not! It felt good to run off some of this stress that has been wearing me out!

Dear Life, Your being OK lately and I thank you for that :)

Dear Bills, You on the other hand are out of control!  Please check yourself!

Dear Friend, Its not that we don't love you, we do, all of us do we are just tired.  I know you don't see the comments you make and they way you just can't go with the flow.  I understand that and I try to see past it, but sometimes you say things that cut deep.  I really think that you don't think them to be mean but we do.  I hope you can understand and we can all work past this.

Dear Sleep, I guess we are still broken up however I still really miss you and plead that you make a come back in my life.......thank you in advance!

Dear Saturday, I'm pumped for you! I only work til 1 then its game on like Donkey Kong! I will cherish you until you go so fast I feel like I got cheated then I will not like you ;) So please move slow!

Dear Mommy, Happy Mother's day!  I love you more then you will ever know.  And even if I get crappy with you I still listen to what you say ! OK well sometimes! but I give at least 98% of the time.... does that count :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So what if.....

  • If I don't know which way is up right now b/c I don't have any down time
  • If I being to just tell it like it is .... if I think what your doing is rude I'm going to tell you and when I do its OK to think I'm rude :)
  • To have not worked out since I got home from Arizona!
  • To still have not called AT&T.... seriously can I just have a day for catch up!
  • To have no clue where all my money goes and to really need to figure it out!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Friday~ Since I have been up since 3AM I feel like it should be 9PM already however its only 9:46AM
Dear Insomnia~ It is b/c of you that I have been up since 3AM and though I love the extra snuggle and play time with my fur baby, I also love and need sleep so please de friend me. Thank you!
Dear Job 1~ You have been crazy this week and I would like you to not be so stressful.  I love most of you however the crappy ones with crappy attitudes need to check your selves! Please and thank you!
Dear Fur babies~ Wow how did one vet apt for a check up and one shot turn into $389 and me worrying about my oldest that her kidneys are not working right ;(
Dear BFF~ you didn't like that I don't write to you but I haven't heard from you all week.... you are fired :) jk
Dear Sprint~ You have really sucked this week so please try to step it up... like now!
Dear Balentine~ I am beyond excited to watch you get married in September and so close to our bdays! Not only do I get to see one of my dearest friends that I can go months without talking to and pick up like we saw each other 5 minutes ago marry her soul mate, I get to visit a state on my bucket list! Hello Colorado! I'll see you in a month :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So What.....

  • If I had just talked to Amanda about needing to lose 15lbs before I got to Colorado in July when April brought me a cupcake and I happily ate it :)
  • If I'm so tired lately that I just keep rewriting the same to do list which is just growing
  • If I need to be freaking out about tryouts and the fact that I don't have a practice stop as of today but I just feel like its going to work out. 
  • If I still haven't started working out UGH!
  • If I have zero want to go to work tonight but will still drag my butt there b/c that is who I am

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