Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What is a Relationship anymore

I watch people these days and wonder what happened to the days when two people found each other and when they married it was forever.  Now don't get me wrong I understand things like cheating or abuse for reason to separate!  I mean the people that got together b/c they loved each other and just didn't feel like putting in the work to make it last.  Is giving up divorce too easy these days.

Maybe we are too wise to what is really happening with relationships b/c its so easy to find things out, maybe there was no truth in being faithful ever.  I know that just like in politics there is a left and a right idea on what a relationship should be and maybe I am old fashion, but when you are together shouldn't you be together?  I watch so many of my friends getting divorced and I wonder why no one seems to be able to make it anymore.  No more are you surprised by divorce you are surprised that someone is still together. 

I know that there are such things as girls night out but when did it come to if you went out it was strictly without your significant other or family? I know I can't be the only one that thinks this way!?!? The basic to every break up these days is ..... oh they went out separate all the time and he/she ended up with someone or yeah she/he found someone on the computer. 

Things aren't always going to be easy no matter if you single or not but remember why you walked down that aisle before you do something that can change everyone's life around you.

Sorry for the venting this has just been on my mind for a while!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dog Park Dog Rules

The dog park is somewhere you can find Tank and I almost 3 nights a week ! Its my  his favorite place to go! (OK I'm not going to lie if you know me you know my obsession with dogs so I enjoy this time too!) My last two trips though have not been very enjoyable and its not because of the dogs but their Humans!  So I thought maybe these peeps need some Dog Park Rules for humans :) Please see below:
  • Please remember to not bring your dog if they do not like other dogs! I would think you would realize that if you dog is trying to eat multiply dogs over and over the "I don't know why he is acting like this he never does this" will stop working!
  • If you bring good looking dogs people will comment to you.  Accept the comment don't act like you can't hear them!
  • Your dog will most likely get humped, yes not acceptable behavior for us, however we don't greet each other with a butt sniff either! Its not a sexy thing its a I'm the leader thing!
I controlled my urges to post this at the local dog park but thought I would share it with my blog friends :)
Have a great Thursday!

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