Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Moving Backwards!

The last month has been a searching blur.... Trying to find the right place to call my new home was proven to be harder then I thought. First problem was Six, not only is she huge but she also contains what the apartments like to call an "aggressive breed" in her. Try explaining she is a "mutt" when she looks like exactly what she is an AKITA! Problem number two oh wait that was Six too! The girlfriend I wanted to move in with has her own dog and Six just loves to make life harder and doesn't get along with other people's pets! Problem three is where do I want to live anyway! In our search we found that it was easier for Georgia to live in a place downtown that gave her flexibility with no lease and was a great price however I could not follow suit b/c of Six so now comes to where the heck am I going??? With a move date of "I have to be out before May 12th" I was down to needing to decide. So after going through the places we had look at one more time with my dear friend April who tells me what she really thinks! (which is one reason I love her) we chose Washington Park. There is where my blog title comes in! I lived there before I bought my condo so its like I'm moving back! So in a little less then a month I will be leaving the condo that I have called home for the last 5 years and moving down the street to a two bedroom apartment!

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