Friday, October 5, 2012

Thirty Things and Friday Letters

So not realizing it I answered my #3 question yesterday within my number #2 question which you can find here Biggest Fear.  So I decided to do an edition of Friday Letters :)

Dear Week,  You have been a struggle but as always I will make it through and beat you at our own game.
Dear Knock Off Flea Meds, I get it I tried to save a buck and you caused an allergic reaction on Tank's back to the point he has scratched himself raw :(
Dear Tank, I'm sorry for the above.
Dear Ex, I believe my room mate hit the nail on the head by telling you your heart is man made and you thrive to get a rise out of people and their misery.  I feel for you that more then not people think this way of you but you are the one that continues to prove them right.  Be the person that you could be and care for others.  You are fortunate to have things provided for you that others have to work hard at.  Appreciate it.
Dear People in general, be kind to each other its not that hard I promise.  I also promise the more you do this the better you will feel.

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