Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Favorite time of the year!

Good Morning!  I was suppose to write #2 for the Thirty but instead I'm linking up with the Wonderful Erin from Living in Yellow for this fun Ornament Swap :)

Here’s how it works.
Step 1. Sign up.

Link up your blog below to let us know you want to participate in the swap.

Sign ups close at Midnight on October 31st.

Step 2. Spread the word.

Everyone loves getting special deliveries in the mail. Especially when it’s a super festive item like an ornament for your holiday tree. So let all of your blog friends know about the swap. The more, the merrier.

Step 3. Get your match.

On Thursday, November 1st, we will post the swap matches. You will contact the blogger you’re buying for via their blog, email, twitter, facebook, etc. to get their address.
Step 4. Shop and Mail.

On or before November 12th, purchase and mail your ornament. This means your ornament should be en route to its recipient NO LATER THAN the 12th.

Step 5. Receive & Blog about your ornament!

This is the fun part! Blog, Instagram, Tweet your Ornament Swapping Adventure. Be sure and use #ornamentswap on Instagram & Twitter so other Swappers can find you!

Step 6. Link up!

We will be hosting a Linky Party on December 1st for those of you bloggers that want to link up your posts! (This gives you plenty of time to make sure your ornament arrives & recap your adventures.)

That is it.

It's pretty simple.

Sign up & send.

Now, I know people may have a few more questions about the details, so here are some additional things you should know.

1. You should spend between $4-$14 on your ornament.

2. Ornaments should be new, as no one wants any “gently used” tree decorations.

3. The ornament you purchase should be something fun, quirky, or beautiful that you’d like to receive and that you will be proud of when it is associated with you and your blog.

4. You can purchase ornaments from anywhere. Like these handmades from Etsy or unique ornaments from Pier One or Target.

5. You will not be sending and receiving to the same person. Technically you aren't "swapping", more like a daisy chain of ornaments will be flying through the skies via the postal service. You will send to one person and receive from someone else. This way you get to know at least two people!

6. Be sure to package your ornament in bubble wrap to ensure it arrives safely. Getting a broken ornament is no fun at all.

7. Please do not sign up unless you are 100% sure you can fulfill the swap requirements, we would hate for someone to sign up and not participate.

Now make sure you head on on over to Erin's blog and sign up to join the fun!

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