Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Robyn,
Thank you for tricking me into running Wednesday night.  Even though I'm sore and have a blood blister at the end of my toe it was much needed and I love you ;)

Dear Fall,
I heart you and love that its almost that time of year! I can't wait to go to every haunted hayride possible!

Dear Fur-babies,
I love you two so much! Six mommy is sorry you are in so much pain. 

Dear Closets,
I hate you and I know that I need to tackle you can clean you out but i just can't get the courage to take on such a chore. 

Dear Saturday,
Hurry up and come and then go very slow!  I plan to sleep in, run, and OSU FOOTBALL it up! Go Bucks :)

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