Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Letter's

Dear Weekend,
You are not much of a weekend this weekend but I intend to soak up Sunday with all I have by laying by the pool and frying!
Dear Next week,
 I can't wait for you! I'm so excited to get a facial and get my White Trash hair did!!!!!! 
Dear next two weeks, 
 I think you are going to be GREAT and relaxing and I intend to enjoy your peace and quiet to the max!
Dear Mean Girls, 
You gave me the stinky eye all night..... do I even know you??? If you want to sit there and stare and talk to about me next time come on over and I will be more then happy to join in. Please and thank you.
Dear Carvers,
I'm glad we reconnected last night I had a blast and will be back shortly ;)

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