Monday, August 27, 2012

Schedules, bills and pups

Trying to get organized and not be a procrastinator is not as easy as you would think!  I am really good at waiting til the last minute on things and really bad at writing it down and just doing it right then!  Backwards is what I am good at .... wait maybe that is why I'm dyslexic! 
I have been trying to get so much better at it and while its slowly happening I have times when I become extremely frustrated with myself and just want to quit.  One of my goals is to not eat out and cook more at home.  With that I feel like I have been eating more and with that I feel like I'm not losing weight which is another goal.  Maybe I am just trying to do one to many things at a time.  One thing that I started last week seems to be helping so I thought I would share.

I take a blank piece of paper and write two sections.
1. My to do list for the week.
2. My goals.

I fold it up and put it in my wallet and it makes me feel a little more accountable.  It also makes you feel nice when you can check something off :)

With only having one day off I didn't really accomplish everything I could have done yesterday and maybe that is why I'm feeling a little off today.  But instead I took a little time to myself in the morning and curled up next door, since I discovered AT&T does not carry the Hallmark channel boo, and watched a feel good movie :) And also was joined by these too..... they love lazy days

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