Sunday, May 5, 2013

The big surprise!

Travel..... its one of my favorite pastimes.  So when my sister wanted to surprise my niece and take her to worlds I was in! The fact that it was at Disney made the decision even easier.  So here is day one the big surprise.

I took the day off so I could get everything ready.  I worked the both jobs the three days before I left so I wasn't ready at all but what is new.  I had to be ready by 11 so that I could meet Ashley and get our bags to my Dad so that he could them in the car so Olivia wouldn't see.  Then Ashley and I went to eat lunch with O at school and she had no idea we were even coming.  We ended up eating with 13 kids at a very small table lol.

Then we headed off to the get O's toes done.  At this point she still thinks that we are just taking the day off and that was her surprise.  

We went and met Robyn and Tracie for lunch after that then it was off to my parents to reveal the big surprise........

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