Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Always late the the....link up

Since I'm always late or never follow through with things; I thought I would join this link up on Day 7 :)  

Day 7 What are you most afraid of.....

Silly things
1.  Ants.  I despise them.  I have no fear to walk up to any animal however if an ant is crawling near me or on me I will freak out like you have never seen.
2.  Falling down the stairs....backwards. (weird I know)
3.  Speaking in front of people.  If you know me I don't shut up so it might be hard to believe if you put me in front of a group of people, even if I know the whole group, I have a panic attack! 

Major things
1.  Not finding that one thing that I'm really good at.  
3.  Losing my parents, sisters or nieces and nephews. 
4.  Losing my friends or my dog.  OK losing anything really.
5.  Never finding that one person that is my other half. 

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