Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So WHat Wednesday!

  • So what if I loved having a night last night to myself even though I had a million things to do I didn't have to work and that was nice.  I got to run errands for dance, myself and Christmas.  I only ended up buying things for myself!
  • So what if I hired someone to clean my house! No I'm not rich by any means I just work way to much and can't keep up with it and I'm tired of it being dirty!
  • So what if I generally don't like people right now.  All the politics and selfishness really just get to me sometimes.  This to shall pass but for right now I would rather hang out with your dog (if you have one ;) )
  • So what if speaking of dogs I read my "wish list" for our office gift exchange out loud and the only part that didn't mention a dog was the food category! 
  • So what if I would rather be wrapped up in the covers with the sweet heating blanket Linda is letting me use!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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