Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Work, You have been kicking my butt lately with your 72 hrs I put in last week between the two of you.... I'm tired yes very tired.  Can I have a break soon.....please!
Dear Fur babies, From the letter above you can tell I haven't been a very good mommy.  I know that you are taken care of and that you are happy but I know the best time is with me, its when we are the happiest.( atleast I think so lol )  And because of that I will be just staying home tonight and not going to the super fun Oktoberfest Preview.... I love you too :)
Dear Oktoberfest, I will not be joining you for fun tonight however I will be there working ALL day Saturday and Sunday so I can still enjoy your food and crafts don't you worry your pretty little head!
Dear Bank Account and Bills, We seem to be coming to an agreement and I like it :)  Its been a long time since I have been making progress so lets keep it going!
Dear DP&L, You SUCK and I hate you and if you were a person I would slap you! I have paid you every month for over 9 years and NOW you want a deposit.... I think not sorry but no no no no!

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