Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Blog, I haven't written much b/c Ive been working my little tail off! 
Dear Colorado Springs, I have been praying for you all week and I hope that everyone is OK and that when we arrive for my love's wedding next week that she can have the day she dreamed of. 
Dear Life, SLOW DOWN.  Its like I blink and 2 months have passed!
Dear Vacations, You start next week and I'm so excited to be actually traveling again.  Please be as much fun as I hope you will be.
Dear Saturday, I plan to soak you in as much as possible since you are my only day to get things done! I hope to clean, workout, shop, lay out, attend the baby shower, cook with friends, and attend the K9 pool bash......wait shouldn't I relax on a day off! NAH!
Dear Birthday, I can't wait to celebrate you and lie to everyone and tell them I'm 29 ;)

1 comment:

  1. Glad to have met you too! :) Your pup is adoarable! following now!



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