Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear DP&L~  I didn't mean to pay you that much today! $525.00 is a lot to pay and I need you to call me back ASAP so that we can fix this!

Dear April~ Thank you for the Hot Choc today I really needed it after last night.

Dear Life~ You must think I like drama and problems, however you are wrong! Please take you problems and shove them where the sun doesn't shine ;) Please and thank you.

Dear Timberlodge~ I hate you! I don't hate many things but you are on the top of my list that is not very long.  I pay my dues every month and keep to myself! Karma is a bitch and one day you will get yours. 

Dear Friend~  Your sorry is a little to late.  When I told myself it was your last chance I meant it.  I'm not going to be the this girl anymore that just lets everyone in my life whenever they want and is warm and inviting all the time.  I wasn't asking for the world just for you to be a true person. 

Dear Fur Babies~ Thank you both for being around me last night and the puppy kisses :)

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