Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Denver~ I'm officially booked and beyond excited! Paul thank you so much for hosting me out there and what a wonderful idea to go to the Beach Boys at Red Rock! Kristi I'm so excited to see you and watch you move on to the next step in your life!

Dear Work~ You have been NUTS! But the days sure do fly by. 

Dear Ex~ Get a clue! Don't preach about things you don't do yourself.  I don't listen to your rambling b/c I know its all BS.

Dear Friend~ I'm still not sure about you but I'll see over the next week if you are worthy of me sticking around.  Get over it already and be real.

Dear fur babies~ I heart you so much and will miss you while I'm away this weekend. Tank be good for Julia xoxo

Dear Cleveland~ I will see you in less then 24hrs. Lets make it fun!

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