Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Life, I'm glad that I am enjoying you a little more lately! Please stay happy. 
Dear furbabies, I'm sorry I was messing up your front room that you have claimed however it was a disaster and needed a deep cleaning!
Dear Mom and Dad, It sucks that I work so much and don't get to see you! I hope that you come the party on Saturday so we can hang out!
Dear Brandi, You rock! You help me see what I can be and  that means the world to me.  You have stood behind me and made me become stronger everyday!
Dear Karma, I was afraid that you would miss people in my life that need some..... It looks like you didn't and I thank you.  Not that I like to see anyone unhappy but selfishly I still thank you.
Dear Friend, I'm not sure you are much of a friend.  You keep saying how much you miss seeing me however I never see you.  I think your kind of a sh*tty person as of late and that makes me sad.  I could be wrong but I'm not sure why you care so much if I move to a different state. Make an effort.
Dear Friend 2, I do care and you don't think so I know that.  I need time to think before I talk b/c I don't know how to explain why I feel the way I do without saying something that is hurtful.  Please stop digging at me to other people in the group.  I'm not fake if I was I wouldn't care about how what I want to say would make you feel.
Dear Bank Accounts, How do you like me now!?!?!?!? I struggled with you all week and my hard work has paid off! In your face!
Dear Colorado/Paul and Krisi, Everyday you get closer and I just can't wait!

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