Wednesday, February 1, 2012

60 Day Insanity- Day 3

Today I have two visitors!  If you read my blog you know Tank and then you have to meet the cutie on top of him Riot.  Tank and Riot seem to think that when their mommies jump during workouts that we are trying to play with them! Makes a hard workout even harder at times, however it will also give you comical relief.  Riot even tries to help his mom stretch by standing on the chair with his back legs and placing his front legs on her back and pushing her down.  LOL. 
Besides the dogs Day 2 of workouts definitely lived up to the programs name!  So much so that when we went to tan 1/2 hour after we were done the lady mistakened my red tone on my face for actually having a base tan! HA yeah right I'm white under this bitch :)  I let her know it was just b/c Robyn is trying to kill me off by making me get in shape that I was that color!
As for food I went with bringing my rice bowl in for lunch today instead of having it for dinner since I'm going to cook for us tonight actual food :)  I will have to update you on how that turns out tomorrow :)

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