Tuesday, January 31, 2012

60 Days of Insanity day 2

Day two whew atleast day one is done and gone!  I will tell you by the end of the day I was very grumpy! I am eating alot but most things taste plain and come 10:00 when I got off work I was starving!  But oh well life goes on!  I only got a little workout in due to working all day but running around NY&C was alittle bit of a workout :) 

Pictures today are of food!  I have to prepare my chicken for the
week and then one of my adult lunchable which is my fourth meal!
So one more meal for the day!  Tonight we are going to start tanning and workout!  Only 58 days to go!  I had one cheat today and had a rootbeer for lunch ...ooppps!
I already feel lighter! I know that sounds funny but I dont feel as bloated and tired as I normally do. Lets hope its only going to get better!

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