Thursday, February 2, 2012

60 Days of Insanity- Day 4

I might look alittle like this at night! I know that I haven't worked out hardcore for probably I don't say four years.... but I don't ever remember being so physically tired!  Whew! I certainly don't have to worry about my insomnia anymore!

 Yesterday was a very good day here in good Ole Ohio the sun was shining I had my windows down and then came dinner!  I was suppose to cook last night but had to go to the Greene to do makeup so we just did dinner up there and of course I cheated.  I mean my family picked noodles and Company there was no choice but it was just oh so good to taste food with some flavor!  But I jumped right back on board today! 

Another excited note, Robin was able to book our flights today! Its official I will be boarding a plan March 22nd to Scottsdale :) 

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