Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear New Couches~  I can't wait to get home and rearrange the office so that I can feel like its a room again and not just a dumpster for things that have no home!

Dear Crush~ I'm over you and you made the wrong choice :) Of course I would think that but in all serious talk I hope you get over yourself and we can still be friends, if not its your double loss. 

Dear Work~ I feel like that is all I do is work with two jobs going I think I live at both and visit home!

Dear Six~ I know your hurting and Mommy wishes she could do more to help you. 

Dear Bank account~ WHOOOOHOOOO you actually have something left in you after paying bills! Hell to the Yeah! Now should I put extra towards the credit cards and be responsible or have fun and spend a little ;)

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