Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Tank, I wish you a very very very happy doggy birthday today :) I love you to pieces and you were the perfect addition to my life in every way.  I hope you are as happy to be a part of my life as I am to yours.  Dear Crush, Your choice to be distant this week was heard loud and clear.  I hope I am wrong but I think you are fake just like the rest of them.  Dear Ex, Not sure what your deal is lately but I know that you made a mistake and you are sorry.  I appreciate that you can recognize that and admit it but I can't go back there.  Dear Six, Mommy worries about your old bones everyday and I will be taking you to the vet next week to see why you are drinking so much water! Dear Bank Accounts, You and I seem to be not getting along lately and I extend an open offer to please make up! I can't take the emptiness of you lately! Dear Miss O, I am so proud of everything you do! Your team did great in Kansas City and you always amaze me. Dear Dance Team, We had a great run this season and I'm so proud of each and ever one of you and the love you have for your team and dancing in general! I'm still hoping my 5th graders decide to stay with me for one more year ;)

1 comment:

  1. hey girlie! i saw you over on Fridays Letters and wanted to say i LOVE your blog!
    and i love your letters too!

    newest stalker! errr.. i mean follower ;)!!

    say hi back sometime?


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