Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So what Wednesday...

  • If I have been MIA for months now b/c all I did was work, dance, sleep, eat, work for months! 
  • If I wasn't talented enough to make my blog pretty so I let this wonderful lady do it for me :)  Thank you! Thank you!
  • If I'm not leaving for Florida for a month but I'm already starting to pack!  It makes me feel better since we still have SNOW!
  • I started to clean my house last night and finished everything, including my roommates room, but got lazy once I got to my room! #itsstilldirty
  • If yesterday I hated all men.  I didn't care who you were I hated you.  
  • If I told the puppy more then once I was going to kill him last night after he ran through the house with muddy paws twice after I had already mopped twice!  
  • If Tank wags his tail every time I say that to the puppy!

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