Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Giving up

So as many of you know I am not Catholic however every year I try and give up something for Lent. This year I did the same as last year: fast food! This is huge for me considering the girl at my local McDonald's knows my name!

As I was choosing what to give up I remember last year it wasn't that bad and I was very proud of myself when I made it the whole way through with just one little slip up! Well only not even a week into this year and it seems to be either a. I forgot how hard it was or b. I'm much to busy for this "having to figure out something to eat" stuff! With school, work, dance, trying to sell the condo and helping my parents with their kitchen I am pulling in some long days. I find myself dreaming of drive thrus and well basically anything to eat without any energy going into it! After the day is over though its better for me to look back and realize "I did it!"

On a more serious note my niece Olivia is having some test ran tomorrow and we are all a little nervous. A couple weeks ago at our first Competition of the season she just passed out and on the way down hit her head. Ashley and her left and went to the Dr. however they said it was nothing. Well this weekend they were down in TN for her cheer competition and the same thing happened again. This time we aren't taking the "its nothing" answer. So after seeing the Dr. yesterday she will be having test tomorrow morning bright and early. Fingers crossed!

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