Thursday, September 10, 2015

Vacation on a Budget

Budgeting is hard.  Vacationing on a budget can be even harder.  

We took our first long weekend since we have been on the strict budget this past weekend.  We went to Gatlingburg TN with my Mom's side of the family for a Memorial Service for both my Aunt and Uncle.   Since there was 24 of us we rented out a large cabin for everyone.  So having a place to sleep came pretty cheap, which always help!

Because I have the dance team, we are using that pay as our travel pay.  Its not much but we were able to save two months of it so we had $300 to play with.

Its amazing how much money we would go through on a vacation before we budgeted.  The only money we took from our account was for a rental car that we got so we didn't put unnecessary miles on our car and that was only $45!  We asked for small and boy did we get what we asked for :)

On the way home Hubby looked at me and said "I'm proud of us and I don't feel like we missed out on anything we wanted to do!"  What a great feeling!

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