Friday, April 23, 2010

Been awhile!

So its been a little while since I wrote! Things have been nuts! I have started making sure I make it to the gym three days a week and I feel great! I started Spin on Wednesday and man that makes you behind hurt! But I'm bound and determined to make my goal of taking 40lbs off so I'm going again tonight! I got a part time job at the Beavercreek golf club and that will start on May 15th!

As for Jay he is working on a pool for a family friend and it amazes me how he can pick up a new trade and make it work! Can't wait to post pics when he is done! Besides that he is working hard and never home :( He has been taking Tank to work with him so its long days for the both of them! Tank comes home very excited to be there but passes out after 5 minutes b/c he is so tired from work!

Six is doing great we have started walking again at night Miss O comes with us and we work on saying Hi in different languages. Its fun to spend time with little ones and watch them learn. We attemped to give six her summer shave for the summer to save some $$ however just made her look like a cancer patient :( So I took her last Saturday and got it fixed! She is looking pretty now!

Along with Tank being a working dog and earning his keep Jays mom and I have been going walking and hiking and taking tank and roofer with us. They love the walks and love to swim in the rivers and ponds. Ill post some pics of that soon too!

Everyone have a safe weekend!

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